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Student Develops New LED!!

Troy, N.Y. — In recent years, light emitting diodes (LEDs) have begun to change the way we see the world. Now, a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute student has developed a new type of LED that could allow for their widespread use as light sources for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on everything from televisions and computers to cell phones and cameras. 

Martin Schubert, a doctoral student in electrical, computer, and systems engineering, has developed the first polarized LED, an innovation that could vastly improve LCD screens, conserve energy, and usher in the next generation of ultra-efficient LEDs. Schubert’s innovation has earned him the $30,000 Lemelson-Rensselaer Student Prize.

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Newly Aquired IO Lighting is making breakthrough leaps in the LED world of architectural lighting. With the various shapes, sizes and light output capabilities to suit your every need.  IO Lighting's quality in design and photometry is unmatched in the industry. The full sample Kit is Available at MacsII. View available products @
  •   CLASS R


The new Class R Series by Corelite offers an ultra shallow recessed design, ideal for plenum-restricted applications and low-ceiling environments. It has been optically engineered to provide low-brightness ambient illumination and to accommodate a variety of innovative shielding options, including a unique linear prismatic frosted lens, bladed micro baffle, and two styles of perforated overlays. The dedicated T5 design of the Class R Series offers superior lumens per watt when compared with traditional 3T8 or twin tube luminaires. Samples of the R1 and R2 are available upon request from your specification representative at MacsII. Click on the Corelite logo to obtain further information on this fantastic addition to the Corelite offering. We highly recommend viewing the "Class R in Depth" video located on the bottom right of the Corelite homepage.

  • Harnessing the power and quality of Ceramic Metal Halide, the new Halo Stasis family of track heads offers great versatility and style with each size. Using 39 & 70W T6 lamps the fixture is able to remain small while packing a serious punch and beam spread adjustability for your commercial needs. Using a T6 product over a Halogen product can result in over 70% savings through the life of the fixture.  They have also incorporated the 20W MR16 Ceramic Metal Halide for an even further compact fixture with amazing light output capabilities and a 12,000 hour lamp life. Sample Kit available at MacsII.

  •  Cooper Industries announces its newest innovation....the C3- Cooper Customer Center. It is the online solution designed to provide the information you need to make decisions. Log in and access vital information from all your Cooper divisions such as real-time product availability, net pricing, order status and tracking. 
  • Arlington announces availability of all sizes of UL/CSA listed EMT compression connectors (with or without insulated throat) and compression couplings.


  •  From Cooper Lighting. Offering exeptional quality Ceiling, Semi-Recessed, Syspended and Wall mount luminaires.
  •   Arlington TV BOX(TM) For New and Old Work - Organizes Power Outlets and Audio/Video/Data Connections - Easy Installation
  •  Liteline LED Puck Kits (UCP Series). Consumes 1 Watt per puck.
  •  Focuses on developing high performing photometric solutions that provide a light distribution adapted to the real needs of the place to be lit.   Their robust high quality materials and mechanical sturdiness guarantee the durability of the luminaire.  As with all Schréder products, special attention is paid to the aesthetics.
  • decorative wall and ceiling fixtures in a wide range of lamp and ballast options, including higher wattage lamps demanded by today’s commercial applications. Regardless of the style of lighting fixture selected, one thing remains constant in all Lightway products - quality. As a true manufacturer, as opposed to “assemblers” or “importers”, they control their quality throughout the production cycle. In addition, they have the added advantage of being able to respond to the needs of each lighting project and the flexibility to modify designs to meet specific project requirements. Whether the need is for architectural inspired fixtures at affordable prices or more value-oriented fixtures, Lightway offers a wide range of choices that are “manufactured” to exacting quality standards.
  •   Jan 2007 - New Cooper Lighting Buyer's Guide (5th ed.) now available on-line
  •   New from Arlington Industries, the ANYBODY!! LB, LR, LL, C or T all in one at the price of an LB Arlington Anybody Fitting