Retirement Of John Harrison & Promotion Of Chris Brams

It is with mixed emotions that Mac’s II Agencies announces the retirement of Principal, John Harrison, effective April 30, 2018. The company will now operate under the leadership of the remaining Principals, Kyle Embley, Wes Oliver and Paul Gill.

John Harrison Retirement Photo Colage-01

John has been an esteemed member of the BC electrical industry for 43 years, which included an exceptional 26-year tenure at Mac’s II Agencies. He will be missed by colleagues and industry affiliates alike. John’s unique ability to build strong business relationships is something that we’ve all come to admire over the years. He’ll always be remembered in the industry as that guy with a smile on his face while in hot pursuit of the next order.

John, you will be sorely missed. From all of us at Mac’s II and on behalf of the BC electrical industry, congratulations and best wishes to you and Carol in the future!



In response to John’s retirement, we are also pleased to announce the promotion of Chris Brams to the position of Lighting Sales Manager, effective May 1, 2018. Chris’ infectious enthusiasm will no doubt add tremendous value to the role. Chris is a born leader with an extraordinary passion for growth. His main focus will be on Lighting Stock Sales while developing key contractor accounts and design-build opportunities. At this point, we do not have a replacement for Chris’ old position. There will be a separate announcement once that position is filled.

Congratulations, Chris!


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