Product Spotlight

Night Falcon Family

Combining the latest LED technology with forward thinking sustainability, the Night Falcon LED floodlight series is lighting the way with a spotlight on superior performance.

Eaton – Arbor

As part of the pedestrian experience we want to be reminded of spaces we value. The most valued “people spaces” in the urban environment are those that tie to nature. Eaton’s Invue Arbor family of LED luminaires uses seamless organic design elements with an unregimented symmetry as seen and reflected in nature.

Eaton – Steeler LED

The new Steeler LED High Bay is the energy efficient solution for both low bay and high bay applications. Designed with precision optics, the Steeler delivers industry leading performance utilizing the latest in LED technology. The Steeler’s durable and compact design provides quick and easy installation for retrofitting outdated HID and linear fluorescent high bays.

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