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Contest Details

From October 8, 2018 to March 31, 2019 invoices containing stock Crosstour, Night Falcon and/or Prevail SKUs will be eligible to win a Sea to Sky Driving Experience from Scenic Rush. The winners will be announced April 12, 2019 and the drive experience will take place during one weekend in June of 2019.


Who Is Eligible

Contractors: The contractor or business entity indicated on the invoice as the purchaser is eligible to enter their invoice(s). Each individual qty of SKUs are counted as a 1 for 1 ballot (e.g. 12 Crosstours will grant 12 ballots, etc.).

Distributors (Counter and Inside Sales Staff only): Counter or inside sales staff at participating distributor locations are eligible to win. The winning staff member must be employed with the distributor at the time of purchase, the time the winner is announced and the time the prize is redeemed.

*Insurance through Scenic Rush requires drivers to be a minimum of 24 years of age, have 7 years of driving experience (including learner’s license) and possess a full valid driver’s license from your home jurisdiction (BCDL class 5 or higher). Requirements must be met on the date chosen for the drive experience.


How To Enter *updated

To enter, invoices must be registered at  A copy of the invoice must be included with the entry and can be uploaded with each registration.

*Update – Inside Sales/Counter staff are no longer required to enter the promotion through the website or share copies of invoices. Participating distributors will provide ballot information to Mac’s II Agencies directly. By default, contractor ballots will automatically be entered with the distributor ballot information.


How Winners Are Chosen

Invoice numbers will be counted as ballots. Each eligible product SKU on an invoice will be entered that many times (e.g. if 3 Crosstours appear on invoice #222, then #222 will be entered 3 times). The contractor and distributor rep (counter or inside sales staff only) who appear on the invoice that is drawn will win the prize. If the distributor rep on the invoice is not eligible to win the prize then another invoice will be drawn to select the winning distributor rep – this process will continue until an eligible winner is chosen. The winning contractor is responsible for selecting their winning representative – this representative must meet the eligibility requirements on the date chosen for the drive experience. Prizes are non-transferable.


Contact information from contest entries will be collected for the purpose of drawing a winner. Individuals can choose to be contacted for future communications by opting-in on the contest website. Entries will be collected through Mac’s II’s website, who’s web server resides in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. The winning entry will be selected through an automated random-selector software program. The process of drawing the winning entry will be documented and can be viewed upon request anytime after the winner is selected. Mac’s II Agencies, Eaton Corporation and Scenic Rush each operate as separate business entities. Scenic Rush bares no responsibility for the operation of this contest and is simply a provider of the contest prize. Mac’s II Agencies and Eaton Corporation hold no responsibility for the outcome of the prize redeemed through Scenic Rush and the winning participants are fully expected to abide by all requirements set forth by Scenic Rush during the time in which the prize is claimed (i.e. at the time of the exotic car ride). All parties involved in the contest hold no copyright to the phrase “Back To The Crosstour” and its use is intended as a parody to pop culture references. All logos, photos and graphics are property of Mac’s II Agencies, Eaton Corporation and Scenic Rush. Vehicles for the Exotic Car Experience provided by Scenic Rush are subject to change at the time of ride.